Sex:  Woman First - How to teach him You come first 


From the One Who Made Squirt Hundred of Hollywood Goddesses. Prepare to become a Sexual Goddess Forever. Don’t try to understand my advices but follow them. I promise you will reach your sexual nirvana. You will discover your most secret erogenous zones. You will learn to let go and have the best Orgasm ever. This book will teach you to have your first vaginal orgasm. If you are a Man, this book will teach you how to never miss her G-spot, make her squirt and soak the bed every time you have sex. It will teach you the perfect oral Sex technique. She will always wonder how you learn about “analingus” her biggest secret pleasure. She will know that you are the one even before you enter in the bedroom. It will teach you how to Penetrate her and drive her crazy. She will wonder how you discover the ultimate sexual power of her A spot or U spot. You will learn about the two vibrators that you absolutely need to drive her insane and how to use them. If you are a Woman it will give you the secret to welcome Sex anytime. It will teach you how to talk about sex and your desire before to enter in the bedroom. This is the only sex book you will ever need. To men and women those secrets will change your entire sex life forever. From the same author: Confessions of a Hollywood Tantra Masseur: The Untold Secret of the G-Spot Power.

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5.0 out of 5 stars The amazing guide to female orgasm September 4, 2012
By Hashini
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If you have been searching for a revealing and informative book to read about sexuality and getting the most out of your intimate relationships, Sex Woman First is undeniably the book you have been looking for. This sensitive author leaves absolutely nothing to the reader's imagination, except perhaps for exploring the possibilities he presents and experimenting with his methods and suggestions on yourself and with your partner. Complete with a list of personal intimate questions to ask of yourself honestly, along with record keeping charts at the end of the chapters; it can also be considered a type of `self-help' workbook for achieving the ultimate sexual experiences that we all are in search of for ourselves, as well as in our relationships. From engaging in sensual Tantra massage techniques to exploring the g-spot and achieving blissfully satisfying orgasms every time you engage in sex, this author hits the mark every time with the knowledge he shares with his audience. I have gained so much useful information from reading this book about what I need and crave as a woman. Equally as important, what I need to ask for from my partner in order to achieve sexual satisfaction. If you are honest with yourself, you will undoubtedly admit that we all could use a bit of guidance in this department every now and then, especially when life gets too busy to enjoy the sexual beings we all are and were meant to be. Don't miss the wonderful opportunity to read this book in its entirety to yourself and your partner. I promise you, you will never regret reading one word of Sex Woman First.


5.0 out of 5 stars The complete sex guide December 11, 2012
By Priya
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
My husband and I got married six months earlier and were always curious to know more about sex, as we were not fully aware of various sex positions to reach to that extreme level of satisfaction while making love. Sex Woman first is the ultimate guide that teaches you the fundamentals of making love successfully. We have experimented the various techniques of making love as suggested by the author such as deep breathing, warm touching and foreplay and felt the increased level of satisfaction during sex following these techniques. It helps to make your partner feel your body deeply and caress you so that both of you can enjoy each other for longer time. Now, my husband realized the power of G-spot massage to get me the complete orgasm. You can feel going through the multiple orgasms by lovely touches of your partner at particular areas of your body. Now, I feel highly contented and happy after sex and thank a million to the author of this book. He has defined each and every step of sex in a very clear and simple way, which makes you so easy to follow. I got all the answers of my questions that I earlier used to think about. In all, it is a wonderful book that enhances your knowledge about the basics of having an efficacious sex with your mate. Moreover, all the steps to a wonderful sex have been explained in very erogenous way, which keep you interested in the book till the very end. It's worth to shell few dollars out of your pocket for this book to achieve ultimate pleasure of sex, which many of us even don't know about.


5.0 out of 5 stars Sexual Guidelines November 25, 2012
By Andy V.
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
This book has been my guideline to my sexual life, it has improve it so much since I started to explore what I read in this book, it taught me to love my own body and teach my partner how to caress it properly in order to get full satisfaction of both of us, now foreplay has become one of my favorite parts of having sex.
It has opened my eyes to the tantric world, something unknown when I started my reading but that now I found so fascinating... having sex can be an experience out is this world, therefore, I have to thank the author Jean-Claude Carvill for such a wonderful piece of erotic literature, everyone seeking to reach highest levels of pleasure should read it, either women or men. I'm putting it to practice with my partner and have been such an experience for him as well; we both were surprised to learn about the male G-Spot and how to stimulate it.
Indeed experience makes a good master, but, trust me let this book be your master and experience the perfectioner and you'll have the perfect combo to have the best sexual life you could have ever imagine! Trust me...





Jean-Claude Carvill was born in Lyon, France. A famous editor told him he was too outrageous for the American public, he will never be published in US, because American readers were not ready yet for his writing. However, his market was in Europe. It is for that reason he is often called the "Henri Miller of the 21st century".
He is a Beverly Hills Sensuality Intimacy Coach with over 20 years of professional experience. He is also a dedicated tantra masseur, and, since 1980, when he gave his first tantra massage, he managed to help hundreds of women to get in touch with their sensuality. Coming from France, Jean-Claude grew up in a more liberal and free-spirited society and had the chance to understand the importance of one's sensuality in one's life. Wanting to help women experience a fulfilled intimate life, he has traveled through Middle East, India, Southeast Asia and Australia, in order to learn the secret techniques of tantric massage. His activity grew through word-of-mouth- marketing and found its main life within circles of women with women who have a genuine desire for the growth and discovery of their sexual fulfillment. His goal is to help them with their journey to better sex, better lives and enhanced self-esteem. As an intimacy coach, Jean-Claude Carvill gives seminars on the awareness of female sexuality, but also coaches individual women that find themselves in a difficult spot in their relationships. Most often, women that come to Jean-Claude Carvill for sensuality coaching find it difficult to reach orgasm during intercourse, feel that they can't open themselves intimately towards their partners or they are already extremely orgasmic but wish to know if there is something more than they are already know. Through moral support and tantric techniques, Jean-Claude Carvill helps these women overcome their fears, become more aware of their bodies and their needs and have a more satisfying relationship with their partners. Those days his main activity is to work on his two books: Confessions of a Hollywood Tantra Masseur: The Untold Secrets of the G-Spot Power and his latest which is a Sensual Guide for Goddesses : Sex Woman First: Teach him how You come first . Jean-Claude Carvill conducts a seminar in Los Angeles occasionally. Jean-Claude has also conducted intimate gatherings for women throughout Australia, Bali, France, Beverly Hills, Chicago and Atlanta. Available online at Amazon, Itunes, Kebo, or email